Knights, Faeries and Dragons

The Silver CaduceusOn the way home from work today, I was feeling a bit down. Things haven’t been going well at work… they rarely do, but they’ve gotten a boost in crappiness since the new Fiscal Year Kicked in on the 1st. Yeah, I know it’s only the 2nd, but it seems like weeks have passed since yesterday morning. Anyway, I was on my way home and feeling sort of crabby. There is a particular piece of property that I pass every day that has a menagerie of animals inside a large fenced field. I’ve made a habit of looking that way every day, twice a day just to see what I can see on any given day. Sometimes there are donkeys (burros), emus, goats, sheep, llamas… semi-exotic fare. So today, I’m driving home and I look over there and what do I see but a spanking new little burro. He was a real fine looking little fellow and suddenly my mind was sent back to all the Christmas Nativity scenes I’ve witnessed over the years. Invariably, the larger, more elaborate Nativities always include a baby burro, along with a lamb, maybe a bunny and baby camel. Baby animals and my spirits were lifted immediately, thinking of all those Christmases and all those cookies and pies and presents under the trees and pretty lights and wonderful, but old and worn out music… It seems I never get tired of Christmas and all its trappings. Of course, by the time I got home, I was depressed thinking of one of the depressing things occurring at work right now. Ramadan. The Muslim holiday… holiday takes on a whole new meaning in the world of Islam. Ramadan would have to be their greatest holiday of the year which puts it in line with Christmas and Hanukka (sp?). Now as far as I know, Christmas and Hanukka are joyous seasons with lots of merry-making and feasting and enjoying friends and family. Ramadan, on the other hand, requires 30 days of fasting all day, lots of prayers on hands and knees. Hmmmm. When you compare the two… well, you decide.

Hello, Everyone.  My name is Brendan Carroll and I have several books posted on in both the Kindle Bookstore and Createspace.  My series is entitled The Red Cross of Gold and the first book in the series is called The Knight of Death.  The main character is a semi-immortal Scotsman who joined the Templar Order in the last decades of the Twelfth Century just as Jerusalem fell to Saladin’s forces.  He was then inducted into the Red Cross of Gold, a secret order within the Order.  This secret order still exists into the current setting modern times where his adventures truly begin when he loses his memory during a routine assassin mission and falls in love with a pretty pixie of a girl from Central Texas.  After that, his life turns a corner and all hell breaks loose.  Please take a look at the series on Amazon and I believe that you will not be disappointed.  Sincerely, Brendan Carroll

Book I:  Assassin Chronicles

Book I: Assassin Chronicles

7 thoughts on “Knights, Faeries and Dragons

  1. Penny Crowe says:

    When is book XVI coming out? I just went straight through the series and finished XV. I want MORE! Love the characters, the plots, etc. I read a lot and from all genre. This series is one of my favorite reads.

    • brendancarroll says:

      Hi, Penny! So sorry I’m late getting back with you. I’ve had some major changes at my day job (which turned into my night job) and I’ve been spending most of my spare time at where I make a number of posts on the Book Bazaar thread concerning my books. I am hoping to have the next book in the RCG series out in January. The name of it is: Omar, the Prophet. I’m very excited about it, but just haven’t the time I need to do proper editing. Thank you for reading my stories. It is always wonderful to hear from ‘fans’! Brendan

    • brendancarroll says:

      Book XVI:. Omar the Prophet is now avail on Kindle.

    • brendancarroll says:

      Hi Penny. Thought I’d let you know that Book XVII:. Full Circle is available at Amazon Kindle.
      Hope you are still enjoying. Brendan

  2. Penny Crowe says:

    I got Omar the Prophet as soon as it came out and stopped reading the other book I was into, and read your book. I am so jealous, I wish I had your talent, and I just cant’ wait for the next book. My problem was that after I read the first one, I was hooked and read right through the first 14 books

    Hope your day/night job calms down so you have more time to write.

  3. Penny Crowe says:

    Thanks for letting me know the new book is out. I’ll start reading it tomorrow. Thank you again, keep writing.

    • brendancarroll says:

      Glad to have you reading the series. I know someone out there appreciates all my efforts to entertain. Have a great day. Brendan

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