More Puglet Musings

Puglet acting innocent.

Puglet acting innocent.

Have you ever noticed that dogs are very much like children? Probably, but have you noticed that they are especially like children when it comes to phone calls. Now you’re probably wondering just how many phone calls my pug gets, but I’m not talking about those. No, I’m talking about how she behaves like a child when I get on the phone.

As long as I’m sitting in my chair, watching TV or sitting at my computer typing, she is lying somewhere, totally engrossed in sleeping, snoring and snorting.

As soon as I get on the phone, she’s up! Awake! Running around, barking at crickets, barking at the birds in the back yard, barking at nothing. She jumps up on the furniture and starts ripping the stuffing out of pillows. She climbs into the dining room chairs and helps herself to fruit (especially the bananas which she loves to peel, but doesn’t eat).

Sometimes I even catch her in the refrigerator trying to get the cap off the tequila. (She has already mastered pulling the cork from the Captain Morgan’s). She’s even worse when she’s had a few drinks.

Sometimes I swear! Sometimes I don’t! LOL!!

One thought on “More Puglet Musings

  1. Catherine says:


    I find this blog through your post (Re: Kindle #s: Traditional Vs. Self Publishing) on the kindle boards and I have been reading through your posts.

    I just wanted to say a couple of things firstly, your post on there made me cry (in a good way) because it gives me hope, so I wanted to say thank you for that.

    Secondly, I have only been reading this blog tonight (it’s 4:45am) but I am loving it and when I have had some sleep I am going to check out some of your books.

    And thirdly, I agree, dogs are like children. Actually to be more accurate they’re like toddlers, well, my bundle of fun is but I wouldn’t change her for the world.


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