The Buck Stops Here!!

I’m thinking. I’m the president of the United States. I have a very, very important speech to make about homeland security, terrorism, etceteras, such and such. I want to make an impact. I want to impress my audience (the World) with my intelligence, my charm, my skill and abilities to lead the world’s last superpower. Writing a speech? Kid’s play for one with such skills. A mere dalliance for one endowed with the capability to win the hearts and votes of the American people. Right? Maybe not.

“The Buck Stops Here.” Hasn’t this already been used for about fifty years or so? I mean, didn’t I read of it somewhere in elementary civics class or hisory or something? I would reject this as unoriginal and endeavor to come up with something profound. Something of my own that people could remember in the years to come.

Something like “America will strike terror in the hearts of the terrorists!”
or “I will make this my personal war: the cause of the American people to seek out and destroy the terrorists no matter where they may run! No matter where they may hide!”
or “I will not stop until I have exhausted every possible fiber of my being in the pursuit of terrorists and I will bring them to justice!”

Just thinking, just saying…. I heard the fellows on the news attribute the saying to John F. Kennedy… hmmmmm. Stop spinning, Harry.

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