Today is the day that I will open and consume my last jug of eggnog stashed from the holidays. I’ve waited as long as I possibly could without fear of spoilage. It’s both a sad and a happy day for me. The official ending of the Nog Season and the beginning of the long fast until the beginning of the next Nog Season. There is an interesting custom concerning Egg Nog that almost made me join the Wiccan movement when I learned of it. I had to think it over very seriously. It seems that Easter, or Oerster or whatever the Pagan Movement calls it, is actually the time when Egg Nog is supposed to be consumed. I found several wonderful recipes for homemade egg nog on Wiccan/Pagan websites and learned a great deal of other useful information when I was researching magick and the practice thereof for the scenes requiring magick in the Red Cross of Gold Series. Though I am not a witch or a warlock or a Wiccan, I did try out a few of the recipes and joined in the Easter ritual with mucho gusto. The pagan spring equinox rituals are actually the origin of the Easter Egg, the Easter Bunny and a number of other ‘Christian’ traditions. The wonderful thing about America is that we can borrow freely from all religions and pick and choose what we want without fear of retribution. It is just another one of our American freedoms that most people take for granted. It would be a great shame indeed if someone were to make an edict that Egg Nog can only be consumed during the Thanksgiving/Christmas Holiday Season. I just might have to move to New Zealand if that were to happen!!!

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