Mark Twain

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.
– Mark Twain

One of my favorite authors and one that has inspired me to be as irreverent and cynical as possible over years is Samuel Clemens AKA Mark Twain. I understand now why he wrote under a pen name. It would have been dangerous to do otherwise, but then of course, I really don’t think he would have cared a hoot about public opinion. I can just imagine what he might have said to the critics and politicians of today’s world (that is, after he got over the shock of discovering he had not died and gone to France!) He hated Indians (Native Americans) with a passion. Something that would not be very politically correct these days. Being about 1/4 Native American I can certainly say that this particular quirk of his was a bit disturbing, but considering the era in which he lived, I think I can understand his hostility to some degree. He hated the French very eloquently… that might not have been so terribly disagreeable to some folks these days. Again, I can understand his point of view to some extent even though me sainted Grandmother spoke French from birth. (She was Cajun and I thought she was French until I read the history of the Cajun/Acadian people! My, my.) If my French reviewer wanted to make brownie points with me concerning the content and characters in my work, I would like to point out that he failed miserably, but all the same, I would like to congratulate him on buying the Red Cross of Gold Book II:. the King of Terrors and reading it after having found the Red Cross of Gold I:. the Knight of Death so disgusting. It makes one pause to wonder… hmmmmm. That’s like saying “Man, I hate spaghetti! Give me another heaping helping!” and stuffing it down with extra garlic bread. LOL.
But please, do try to read more fiction (mine in particular) and stay away from health books! Have a wonderful day (even in France!) And by the way, that picture is the footprint of my pet watchduck, Barney!

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