If Only….

Had to go to my new doctor today. Wasn’t too bad. Had to go shopping… Wally World of course! Is there any other store? So I’m browsing the baking aisle when suddenly I remember I have lost all my cornmeal in the move. I neeeeeed cornmeal. How can you make cornbread without cornmeal? How can you eat chili, stew, soup, etc, without cornbread? So I reach for the Aunt Jemima and see that the generic brand is much cheaper. I change my mind and direct my hand to the store brand… the brain in my butt (a vestigial brain leftover from when I was a T-Rex) failed to respond in time and the hand went wild, knocking Aunt Jemima from the shelf. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! I screamed silently, but down she fell… all five pounds of her. The bag split upon contacting the tiles and yellow grit was soon everyhere in the aisle. It was awful. Just awful.
If that had been the end of the bad for the day, I could have endured it with a shrug, but no. I stop by the mailbox and what do I see? A notification from the United States of America’s Postal System. I put in a change of address almost three weeks ago on line to save time. But here was a snail mail verification number that had to be entered on line to make the change happen… errrr, am I missing something here? Was not the purpose of making the change on line foregoing the snail mail method, speedier changes, less paper, all that green stuff? But nope, not only that, when i tried to enter the verification code, it was all wrong and I had to start over. Now I will have to wait another 7-10 days to get my mail forwarded to my new address. To make matters worse, The United States of America Postal Service charged me a dollar for each individual name listed at my adress… yep, that’s right. They charged me. And I still have to wait 7-10 days for the verification. Am I happy? No, that is a painted on smile.

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