Are Politics Necessary?

It’s sometimes extremely hard to write blogs and make comments at Facebook and other forums without taking a stand or making statements that reflect my personal views on the state of the world.  I realize that everyone has an opinion or a view and that everyone is entitled (at least in this country) to hold those views regardless of what others may think.  That is one of our dearest and most precious rights under the constitution of the United States.  Freedom of Speech.  But lately, I’ve noticed that it is increasingly dangerous to engage in what is sometimes referred to as “swapping politics” or political debate. 
Open discussion with courtesy and decency and respect for one another has gone the way of the Dodo Bird.
As a semi-public figure (author), it has become increasingly important to make sure that we remain neutral in order that we do not alienate potential readers (customers). The United States is becoming less friendly when it comes to acceptance and tolerance and it is not something that can be easily attributable to terrorist threats and/or actions.  We are no longer united against those factions that would see us dead simply because we are Americans or even just because we LIVE in America, but we have begun to tear each other apart, insult each other and I am afraid that the sentiments behind these developments are growing to the extent that we are beginning to hate each other based on politics and even worse, we are beginning to fall back into the old divisions along racial lines as we tumble toward future disasters that could threaten our very existence as human beings.
It is inconceivable to me that OUR RACE: HUMANITY can nickpick ourselves into oblivion.  Science has shown us beyond a reasonable doubt that we will be facing planetary disasters in the future.  Could be tomorrow, next week, next year or next century.  And the only way we can hope to survive is to drop our petty grievances and work together as human beings toward solving these problems proactively.
Cosmically speaking, we, all of us, are nothing more than specks of dust on specks of dust in the Universe.  But even so, our achievements expand into the vastness of space and make us sparkling points of wonder.  Our brains are miracles of engineering and whether we believe in one god, no god or many gods, we should believe in ourselves and each other and yet… we do not.  We fight.  We argue.  We insult and we antagonize each other and to what end? The answer is obvious:  OUR OWN END.

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