Is it Difficult for an Author to Write?

I’ve seen a number of posts from authors complaining about writer’s block, lack of inspiration, inability to get started, having trouble with character’s names, descriptions, settings, etc. These I find quite puzzling. It seems to me (IMHO)that I never run out of ideas, names, descriptions, inspiration, plot possibilities, prospective settings, but what I do run short on is time.
Since retiring back in February after a lifetime of public service, I find that I am busier than ever. Writing is not difficult for me, managing my time seems to be the problem. I have so many things I want to write. Everything from blogs, to forum posts, to full-blown novels and yet, there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done.
The real problem lies in having too many irons in the fire as the old adage goes. I have family, friends, pets, trips here, there and everywhere and though these things are enjoyable much of the time and necessary the rest of the time, they are very demanding.
Then there are the usual diversions: Politics, religion, television, games, reading, Facebooking! OMG! And last, but certainly not least, house/yard work. I like a clean house/yard. I hate clutter and junk. If I can’t use or at least enjoy looking at it from time to time, I don’t need it. Hence, I spend time everyday cleaning and working to keep everything neat and tidy. I simply cannot function in a house piled with clutter and if there must be clutter, then it must be “orderly” clutter! Ha!
So the answer to the question may actually be Yes! Writing is difficult! But it is not the actual writing, it find the time to do it.

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