Falling Star by Philip Chen

I currently read Philip Chen’s “Falling Star” on my new Kindle3.  His was the first novel to be completed since receiving it for my birthday. Below is the review that I posted at Goodreads and Amazon.com.  I also sent it to POD people for consideration.

Philip Chen has had an extremely interesting career and it shows in his work. His detailed descriptions of highly technical equipment and clandestine government operations is very impressive. The thought of what mysteries might lurk beneath the vast expanses of our planet’s seas and oceans is in itself a thrilling yet sobering thought. Philip’s use of our innate fear of the unknown and irrepressible curiosity about the unexplained catches the reader’s attention in the beginning of the novel and our curiosity builds as he feeds us titillating tidbits throughout the book. 
Underlying the bigger mystery in the sea, another mystery unfolds on land as his characters are set upon by unknown forces willing to stop at nothing to stop the top secret agency known as C-SAC from learning about a powerful new weapon based on sound technology. The action is fast-paced and illustrated by colorful descriptions of blood and gore as the C-SAC couriers are eliminated one by one while its top members search frantically for the leak in their chain of command information dike. Their findings are as chilling as the mysterious objects at the bottom of the sea and Philip’s expert rendition lends a completely believable air to the situation that perhaps leaves its readers with slightly different views of the little old lady sitting next to us on the plane or the grease monkey changing our spark plugs.
Falling Star ends just as mysteriously at it begins and puts the reader in the mood for a possible sequel.
Mr. Chen’s writing style is precise, almost military and chock full of information that makes the reader wonder if this story might not be fiction at all, but something very real and very disturbing. 
I noticed very few grammatical/spelling errors in the book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good techno-thriller with sci-fi overtures.


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