Six Sentence Sunday June 12

There is much bad blood between the Knights of the Council and it is easily abraded to the surface when tempers run hot. The Red Cross of Gold III:. The Head of the Crow. Assassin Chronicles.
“That’s absurd! She would not have you. As for your trust of the Scotsman, you are sadly mistaken. All it takes is one good argument and off they’ll go! I know her and I know Mark Ramsay. You are insane to trust him.”

5 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday June 12

  1. gayleramage says:

    Very intriguing stuff here! Why is the Scotsman not to be trusted?

  2. Lindsay says:

    Oh, go on and trust him. What have you got to lose-your life?

  3. Alix says:

    ohhh, I’m intrigued. Great SSS

  4. lexcade says:

    Oh dear. Sounds like trouble!

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