Quantum Physics

Lately, I have been reading a book by one of my favorite people: Michio Kaku, a well-known theoretical physicists, news contributor and television personality, called Parallel Universes.  I have also been keeping up with Morgan Freeman’s Through the Wormhole on the History Channel.

My friends and family are totally baffled by my obsession with quantum theory, string theory, m-theory and the wonderful search for the unified field theory.  I read the stuff, sure, but do I understand it?  Not really.  Even the physicists who work in the field every day say that they do not understand it.  Surely, I am quite incapable of fathoming the mathematics that go along with the subject, but still I read it like a wide-eyed six-year-old in daddy’s closet stash.  Fascinating does not even come close to describing the subject IMHO.

Unfortunately, I have very few (if any) people to discuss the subject with at any given time.  I am a lonely fan of theoretical physics it seems.  When I speak of Dark Flow, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, people tend to think about the dustbunnies that collect under the bed and how hard it is to get them out.

I wish I had a friend or relative who had a mutual interest, but it doesn’t seem that I will find such a person lurking around Indian Springs in deep East Texas.  LOL.  Of course, I would want someone with a similar interest, but not someone like Einstein because then I would be totally awed and intimidated and this would be useless.

I just heard a good question: Why do we (I) even care about the size and shape of the Universe?  Why do I care about the properties of things that cannot even be seen?

Very good questions indeed and I have no answer.  I simply know that I am much more interested in quarks, photons, gravitons and anti-matter than the Casey Anthony trial.  My God!  Just convict her… or not!  Geesh!

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