New Anthology!

Cross Council has just been released at and contains works from Trish Lamoree author of the Psi Consulting series and Never Smile at a Crocodile, Maureen Miller author of Borrowed Time and Endless Night and others; plus Brendan Carroll (that’s me) author of The Red Cross of Gold:. Assassin Chronicles.

Trish Lamoree’s short, Once Upon a November, gives us some insight into the characters from her Psi Consulting novels.  Miss Lamoree has several such paranormal, mystery, romance books listed for sale at

Maureen Miller’s contribution is an entertaining work in Sci-fi deviating from her usual romantic suspense genre.  The story is entitled “Beyond” deals with an accidental alien abduction with romantic overtones.  Miss Miller has several romance/suspense novels published at

My own works in the anthology are entitled “A Dark Council” and “A Dark Matter” and uses the characters from my Red Cross of Gold Assassin Chronicles series.  “A Dark Council” is historical fiction concerning the arrest of the Templars and their subsequent departure to ports unknown in 1307 CE.  “A Dark Matter” stars the Chevalier Ramsay as he attempts to explain Dark Matter to his Grand Master who has requested more information about the mysterious substance that makes up a large portion of the known Universe.

Read and enjoy for only $.99.

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