Sample Sunday ~ August 27

The following sample is from a WIP that I am currently working on as a YA series accompaniment to The Red Cross of Gold Assassin Chronicles series. These novels will be from the perspective and point of view of the apprentices to the Knights of the Council. The new series will follow the story line of the original series, but will be directed at younger audiences. In this scene Armand de Bleu has been very ill from an injury to his thumb.

“Wait!” Armand shouted and sat straight up on the couch. He sat with both arms outstretched in front of him, staring into nothingness.
“Armand?!” Collette dropped her pen and paper on the floor when he startled her.
He turned his sunken golden eyes on her and blinked in confusion.
“Where did she go?” he asked.
“The… the…” he stammered and then drew a deep breath. “How long have I been sleeping?”
“Long enough,” she said. “How do you feel?”
“Better,” he said and it was true. He felt hollow and tired, but he felt no pain at the moment. He looked down at the neat white bandage on his thumb. “You dressed the wound?” he asked in dismay.
“Yes,” she said. “My father is a physician. I’m studying medicine at UPMC in Paris. I’m going for research biology eventually.”
“I see,” Armand said. He was impressed. Beautiful, smart, dangerous and totally out of place. “I must thank you and ask you to leave, Collette. You do not understand my circumstances here.”
“I may understand more than you think, Armand de Bleu,” she said with a mischievous smile on her face. “But that is a fine way to say thank you.”
“I’m sorry, truly, but every moment you stay makes my heart skip a beat,” he said miserably and swung his bare feet to the floor. His clothes were damp and he could smell his own sweat. He had been very, very ill.
“Ahh, I make your heart skip a beat?”
“Please, yes, you do,” he said and his face turned red. “My… roommate will be returning any moment and he is a strange bird. You see, he owns this place and he is…”
“An ass,” she finished. “Yes, I know. You told me all about him.”
“I did?” Armand’s eyes widened.
“Yes, while you were talking in your sleep.”
“Oh! Sacre bleu!” he said.
“Do not worry, little bird,” she said and stood up. “I have left new bandages, antibiotic cream and alcohol in the bathroom for you. Plus you will find more of the Cipro in your bed under your pillow. Take them according to the directions on the bottle. Take them all so that the infection is completely cleared up. Change that bandage everyday and make sure you change it every time you get it wet or dirty. Drink lots of water. Eat some chicken broth or soup if you have it. You will find fresh bread, cheese and wine in the larder. No, no, no,” she cut off his protests before he could speak. “You saved my life and I return the favor. I like you, Armand. You are an interesting little bird.”
“Thank you,” he said weakly.
“You are welcome and…” she picked up the little green book that she had been reading. “I have been studying these spells in your magic book.”
“Yes, who is this Mark Andrew Ramsay fellow?”
“You mean Bartholomew of Sussex?” he asked in confusion.
“No. The credits in the back of the book say that the original Auld Englyshe edition of the book was authored by this Mark Andrew Ramsay. I have an interest in magic. Nothing important, just I have never heard of him. I have read most of the historical manuscripts on magic and sorcery as well as the Inquisition.”
“Oh, I don’t know who he is,” Armand lied.
“Well, if you are interested in magic,” she said. “Then we might get together and try some of these spells. If they enhance learning, then I could certainly use it. Anatomy, physiology, advanced chemistry. I can handle them, but mathematics? I have a problem with math.”
“Oh,” he said again and stood up, desperate to have her out of the house. “Well, then. We should have a look at those some time.”
“Great!” she said and then took his face in her hands and kissed him on the lips. “Thank you for saving me, Armand! Do what I have told you and I will see you when you are feeling better.”
Armand stood in the parlor, mouth hanging open where she left him for several minutes unable to move or speak. She had kissed him! A female had kissed him!
“Sacre bleu,” he whispered and staggered into the bathroom. A shower would be nice.

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