Sample Sunday ~ November 20

The Red Cross of Gold XXIV:. The Jealous God, answers many questions about the Order of the Red Cross, the Prophecies, and other mysterious subjects will finally come to light.  It seems that even Nostradamus had messages for the Order.  Of course, the Brothers are not much better than anyone else at figuring out what the ancient prophet meant in his quatrains.  If you’ve been reading the Assassin Chronicles series and you’ve had some questions, you’ll want to continue the series with The Jealous God.  Available on Amazon for Kindle and Smashwords.


“But I promised…”

“Promises be damned, man!” Lucio growled roughly and pulled him up again.  “Ruth never expected this.  We will take her to St. Patrick’s and give her a Templar burial.  She is as much one of us as any.  This little man will not care, and I can tell you, Ruth does not give a damn either.   And I will tell you something else.  If she were my wife, I would not subject her body to the degradation of this disgusting practice of bone-picking.  Do you want me to tell you how it’s done?”

“No!” Omar spoke up.  He seemed to be recovering somewhat.  “I do not want to hear it!”

“Good.  Now come into the house and get cleaned up.  In the morning, we will make our reports to the local authorities.  It will not be easy, and you will be the one who will have to make the proper papers and pay the proper… fines.  We will also have to pay off the bone-pickers and Burl Carlotti as well, or else, we may all be arrested and detained here indefinitely.”  Lucio helped him up, and he walked toward the door on Curtis’ arm with Lavon and Christopher close behind him.

Simon hung back by the door, waiting for an explanation.

“You remember what Montague found in the prophecies of Nostradamus, Brother?” Lucio asked him in the semi-darkness.

“Montague found many things in the prophecies,” Simon shrugged.

“Montague found a passage said the great evil would issue from someone in the east.  Someone he named as Adalune Caitiff.  You remember this?  Montague was convinced Omar would be the anti-Christ, the son of Adalune Kadif.”

“Yes, I remember that, and we believed it to be true, as well, for a long time.”  Simon nodded.  “But Omar is not the anti-Christ, Brother.”

“I know that.  But you know the ancient Kaballistic practice of Gematria?”

“Yes, but what does this have to do with Ruth?” he asked slowly.

“Nothing to do with Ruth, but everything to do with her son, Bari.  Bari Caleb, who calls himself Joel Isaac Grenoble.  If you apply a form of Gematria to his name, you will find the number of the Beast: 666.  Joel Isaac Grenoble is a son of Adalune Kadif, and I have heard Lemarik say he warned Omar against producing a son that would someday destroy him.”

“This is all conjecture! I don’t understand why we would have to take Ruth from here,” Simon shook his head.  “For the love of God, Lucio, she’s dead.  And we have Bari in our custody.”

“He will not stay there long,” Lucio said ominously.  “He has already tried to convince Catharine, your mother, to go with him or take him to Germany to Wewelsburg.  What would he know of Wewelsburg?  Would he want to follow in Himmler’s footsteps perhaps?  Besides, it is only a matter of time before he will simply use his powers to elude us.  We can no more hold Bari Kadif than we can hold Omar or Lemarik.  I am surprised, he is still on the island at all.”

“But you are still not telling me what is wrong here,” Simon prompted him and looked back toward the path leading to the cemetery.

“I don’t know if I can tell you.”  Lucio’s anger was flagging.  His anger had carried him beyond shock and into the commanding figure of control that repressed his own horror and kept him from joining Omar in his mad flight of hysteria.  The Italian succumbed now to his own grief and began to cry.

Simon pulled him back into the shadows of the porch and made him sit on the old divan.  The Healer knelt in front of him and took his hands.  It would not do for the others to see the senior member of the expedition break down.

“You had best tell me now, Brother,” Simon told him.  “Before you have time to forget it.”

Lucio looked up at the worried face of the priest through his tears.  “I will never forget it, Simon.  Not ever.”

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