Sample Sunday ~ February 26, 2012

The following sample is from The Red Cross of Gold XXVI:. All That Is Fallen. In this particular piece, Lucifer is still working on his ORIGINAL assignment.  Lucifer? you say… THE Lucifer?  Yep, that’s the one.  If you haven’t started the Assassin Chronicles, remember to start with Book I:. The Knight of Death.  The series is available at Amazon for Kindle $2.99.  Most volumes are available in paperback as well from Amazon.  If you are a member of Amazon Prime, the first book of the series is available for lending from the library.

NOTE: the book was published with a flaw in the formatting/chapters, which has since been corrected, but still received a 5-star review even with the error included.  For that accept my apologies.

Lucifer went down on one knee and lifted his arms to the sky.

Michael and Galen took up positions well away from them on opposite sides and watched the horizon for signs of approaching danger.  They turned their backs to the proceedings as Lucifer began to chant in the high sing-song voice they had learned to dread and love.  In all their years with the grim troop of warriors, they had never learned a word of the language they spoke to one another, but they knew better than to look back as Lucifer performed the necessary rite to banish this monster back to the chaos from whence it had come.  The sky deepened from light blue to dark purple and then a green flash erupted behind them.  A hot wind buffeted them, whipping their hair into their faces and then it was over.  The two Templars turned about and saw the smoking patch of seared earth where the beast had lain.  Azael and Ariel gathered their net and began to fold it between them.

Lucifer motioned the two men over and sat down on the stump of termite mound.  These things always seemed to drain him temporarily.

“My sons.”  He said after a moment as they knelt on one knee in front of him.  They were bedraggled, dusty and smeared with grime.  Lucifer, on the other hand, seemed immune to dirt.  He was as pristinely clean as the first time they had laid eyes on him and he seemed endlessly aggravated that they needed water for baths and drinking and other things that he found time consuming and wasteful, such as food and new clothing and boots from time to time.  And never mind the calls of nature!  Lucifer simply did not understand and did not want to understand the workings of the human body.  At one point, when Galen had broken his arm in a tumble down a gully, the angelic chieftain had threatened to leave him for the vultures before Michael had intervened and Lucifer had healed the wound with the wave of his hand.  But time and circumstances had shown Galen to be as fearless and courageous as any of his warriors and Lucifer had grown fond of him in spite of his disdain for his humanity, which he insisted that they could do away with any time they chose and join him in form and spirit.  Both Galen and Michael had sat long into the nights pondering this possibility, but neither of them had ever figured out exactly how they might accomplish this feat short of committing suicide.  “I have sent a message to Uriel.”

“My uncle?”  Michael’s face lit up.  Even though they had been with these creatures of light for a very long time, neither of them seemed to have aged a day.  They still looked like they had when they had first found the angels in the basement of the Wewelsburg tower.

“Yes, yes, whatever.”  Lucifer waved one hand tiredly.  “I have sent him a message.  I had hoped to clear up this infestation before returning to the north, but it seems the more we destroy, the more we find.  It has been said that one should always do what is to be done with all strength and heart until the work is finished, but I can see no end to this labor.  If there were others, in other parts, doing other similar things… then perhaps this would be our purpose, but these are not the days of old. It is my opinion that they are too great in number for us to pursue one by one.  Our services may be better spent elsewhere.”

Michael nodded.  They had banished an average of two to three creatures a day for at least ten years and always there were more and lately they had been growing in size and ferocity.  This latest one had been quite formidable, but there were bigger, even uglier things wandering in the wastelands that had once been Africa.  There were no more elephants.  All the giraffes and zebras had been annihilated.  The great herds of antelope and wildebeests were decimated and even the lions and hyenas were disappearing as these voracious creatures roamed the land, killing and eating everything that moved including people.

“May I ask you a question, Master?”  Michael ventured when he did not go on.

“Of course, my son.”  Lucifer’s expression changed.  They had exchanged many ideas in the time they had spent together, but they had never reached any common ground.

“Why do you stay here?  I mean, don’t you have a home… somewhere… up there?”  Michael looked up at the sky.

“Ahh.  Yes.  Home.”  Lucifer bobbed his head up and down rapidly.  “We have what you might call a home.  Yes.  But we have a duty here.  Before we were captured, we were fighting the evil one.  When we were released, we found that he was as yet unvanquished.  Our work here is not finished.”

“You were not sent here to protect mankind.  For what purpose did you fight the Ancient Evil?”  Michael risked another question on a touchy topic.  He had tried to question the chieftain before, but had received a knock on the side of his head for his impudence.

“We serve the Creator.”  Lucifer told him blandly.  “It is our purpose.  Nothing has changed.”

“Do you… are you…”  Michael floundered.  He was treading on very thin ice.  “Does the Father still communicate with you?”

Lucifer’s eyes narrowed sharply and Michael cringed, expecting another blow for his trouble.

“Unlike men, I do not have to be reminded of my duty.  I am told once.  That is enough.  When our work is finished, He will call us home or send us elsewhere.  I would not presume to question His will.  If He did not approve of what we are doing, He would let us know.”

“Then how do you know that it is time to go North?”  Michael raised both eyebrows.

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