A – Z Blog Hop Challenge

So this is the first time I’ve ever entered or should I say participated in a Blog Hop.  It should be an interesting exercise for getting my head back into writing and away from editing for a while.  I hope to do a themed set of blogs starting with A, of course, and continuing on through the month of April (my favorite month of the year except for October) with Sundays off for good behavior.  I’m considering a number of subjects for my blogs and it would probably make sense to, once again, write what I know.  I’ll probably do something I’ve always wanted to do and write about things that happened or had to do with my career at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  For those of you who think that is some highfalutin government entity, let me set you straight from the beginning:  It’s just a fancy name for ‘Prison’ or ‘the Hoosegau’ or ‘the Big House’ or ‘the Slammer’ or ‘Club Fed’ or ‘the Greybar Hotel’ or ‘the Calaboose’ or ‘the Pokey’ or ‘the Clink’.  Get the picture?  I worked for the State of Texas for 24 years total, 23 of those were behind bars as a so-called ‘State Official’.

Believe me, there are plenty of stories behind those walls and fences and most of them come from the inmates or convicts or confinees or incarcerated felons or whatever you want to call them.  And some of them make a great deal of money entertaining the general populace with tales of woe and horror, bemoaning their fates or glamorizing their stints behind bars as just part of their ‘Career Path’ as a criminal.  Very few stories come from prison staffers, but let me also enlighten you, that doesn’t mean there aren’t as many interesting stories from the right side of the bars as there are from the left side. (You all know that the left side is considered sinister because that is the shoulder that the devil looks over, right?) (You also know that the very word sinister means ‘left’, right?) (And you all realize that this is where the Leftists get their name, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  But, hey, I’m not political, I’m apolitical, not to be confused with asexual.)  So anyhow, I’m thinking that my career inside the Big House will be a fertile landscape for the A-Z challenge.

So wish me luck, boys and girls and for God’s sake, if you come by and read my blitherings, leave a comment so I’ll know you were here!


5 thoughts on “A – Z Blog Hop Challenge

  1. Ron E says:

    Sounds like lots of opportunity for inspiration. Welcome to the Challenge.

  2. Heidi Hines says:

    I’m wishing lots of GOOD LUCK, Brendan! And, I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences with the TX Dept of Corrections….with your way with words, it will be a real treat! :o)

  3. I look forward to reading those posts. Can’t wait!

    I’m just dropping by to say hello! I look forward to seeing the alphabet all over your blog in April!

    Konstanz Silverbow
    A to Z Co-host

  4. Sue Guerth says:

    Very much looking to reading! You are a wonderful tale-spinner, my friend.

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