D is for “Dog” AKA Road Dawg

More things heard Behind Bars and elsewhere:

The term “Road Dog” (pronounced DAWG) apparently started out Behind Bars and then spread to general use by certain segments of the general population by way of contact with prisoners through the mail, visits, movies, television and ex-convicts/parolees, etc.  So it’s a fairly common occurrence to overhear people, especially young people, using the term almost anywhere you might find yourself.  Like all words and terminology springing up in our modern society, “Road Dog” has been simplified to “Dog”, dropping the “Road” for no reason, but making it entirely acceptable to call someone something that might have been termed a “fightin’ word” only a few decades ago.

“Road Dawg”refers to people who are ‘along for the ride’ or friends just coming along with you on a walk around the rec yard or down to the library or church or simply just someone considered a friend on the inside (Behind Bars).  You might even think of them in Facebook terms as a friend that exists on Facebook or, in Twitter terms, a follower, but not actually someone who comes to your home or hangs out with you outside the prison setting, generally speaking.  Of course, some people do carry over their friendships once they are released from prison, but it is never recommended or encouraged because of the truth of the old adage:  “You are what you eat…” no wait… “A penny saved…” hang on.  Look, Dawg, I’m thinking here; give me a minute.

Oh, yeah, “Birds of a feather flock together” meaning if you hang out with criminals, you’re gonna go to jail.  In other words, if you get out of prison and go back to the same friends you had before or ‘hook-up’ with new friends you made Behind Bars, you’re more prone to recidivism.

Also applicable here.  “If you lay down with “Dawgs”, you get up with fleas.”

Or, better yet, take your “Road Dawgs” to the shelter when you get out and let someone better equipped adopt them.

(Disclaimer: Not everyone serving or having once served time Behind Bars is a criminal.  Some are proven innocent, some are just innocent, some are proven guilty, some are just guilty from the “git-go”, some were in the wrong place at the wrong time or the right place at the wrong time, some were framed and some were just simply idiots, but the thing is, make sure you choose your “Road Dawgs” wisely or you’ll find yourself and your world disintegrating like that fellow in the third Indiana Jones adventure who “chose poorly”.)

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