H is for Hog

Hog is a noun, right? Sure it is, but wait… there’s more. There is also a verb form of the word. Hogging: to hog something and/or someone, as well as, hogged, the past tense. Hog, hogging, hogged. Yes, and these words actually have nothing to do with the four-legged mammals, which go so willingly to the slaughter in order to provide bacon, ham and pork chops for those of us who are Non-Vegans/Non-Muslim/Non-Jewish, etc. In keeping with my Behind Bars theme today, I am using the term Hog as representative for the letter “H”. Inside a prison unit, you will hear this term used freely and frequently by both employees and offenders. Even though the State of Texas uses a great deal of pork (not to be confused with Political Pork or ‘Porkulous’) to feed the growing inmate population and has a vast pig-farming operation that supplies the pork in bulk and offers a variety of offender jobs in the maintenance and care of said facilities, the offenders and staff are probably not talking farm/shop or bar-be-q techniques when they speak of hogging using such statements as “I been hogged, Bossman!” or “You tryin’ to hog me, Homes?” or “Say, say, say, man, stay away from Officer Whozit or he’ll hog you for a soda, man. Know what I’m sayin’? Can you feel my pain?”

The act of hogging, is usually something that one offender does to another offender, but it is not strictly limited to the offender population. Bosses (staff) may hog offenders, offenders may hog bosses and bosses may hog each other. Hogging is applied to the act of taking something forcefully, or against protest, from someone else. Normally, in the Free World, this might be referred to as ‘stealing’; ‘robbery’; ‘larceny’; ‘theft’; ‘extortion’; or ‘rape’, depending on what was taken, of course, and is considered serious disciplinary infraction or, in some cases, criminal activity. Normally, it is good practice for the staff to be on the alert for acts of hogging since such things can and often do cause serious repercussions, if carried to the extreme. Some of the nastiest situations Behind Bars have been caused by so-called ‘predators’ hogging weaker offenders for food, property and/or sexual favors. Some of it is blatant, some of it is done in jest and some of it is done in large scale operation with rules, regulations and by-laws and falls under the general heading of ‘Gang Activity’. Although it may sound funny or humorous in some context, it is definitely a serious problem and one both offenders and staff must deal with on a daily basis Behind Bars.

2 thoughts on “H is for Hog

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  2. Patty Craig says:

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