M is for Mule

A mule is a cross between a donkey and a horse.  Another word for donkey is ass.  Behind Bars, a hard-working Correctional Officer is known as a work-horse.  A mule, when referring to a human is someone who carries illegal items from one point to another.  A Correctional Officer or Prison Staff Member who carries contraband (illegal items) into the prison setting is also called a mule and is, by far, the most dangerous breed of horse’s ass.

The one thing that mos successful prisoners have in common is their skill at the art of persuasion, better known Behind Bars as playing Mind Games.  Even the ugliest of brutes, possessed of a silver tongue and a sad story is capable of swaying a sympathetic ear to his/her cause.  This uncanny ability to talk otherwise sensible people into bringing in dangerous items to convicted felons is something that serves the offenders well, providing cell phones, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, money and other unauthorized possessions which can all be used in less than friendly maneuvers.  Some employees have even been found helping offenders plan or execute escapes (AKA catching a rabbit), financing their Behind Bars illicit businesses such as drug trafficking, pornography and prostitution rings, child abuse, etc.  Though it is sometimes hard to believe, otherwise law-abiding citizens become so inured of the heinous crimes committed by the individuals they come into contact with on a daily basis, they see very little wrong with ‘helping them out’.

Certainly, when these Mules are caught, they give all sorts of excuses for their behavior, none of which are valid and oftentimes they are still wondering what the hell happened when they find themselves on the way to prison to join their unlikely ‘muleskinners’ Behind Bars.

2 thoughts on “M is for Mule

  1. Heidi Hines says:

    Facsinating writing, Brendan. I’m learning more about the prison system then I ever thought I would!

  2. Ruth says:

    I used to date a guy in prison. He’d tell me all about how the prisoners got their illegal stuff. Very enlightening.
    Good m post!

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