Q is for Quiet

Q is a hard letter.  An ominous letter and most of the words used Behind Bars that start with a Q because they are not good topics in any company.  One of the most ominous words or conditions Behind Bars is the word Quiet.

When things become Quiet, two things are possible and only two things:

Lockdown: a condition where all the offenders are kept locked in their cells twenty-four hours a day and only taken out under escort for essential services or emergencies.  These are usually short-term conditions implemented for emergency situations such as severe weather conditions (we’re talking hurricanes), immediately after escapes or offender uprisings (riots, work sit-downs, etc.) or other situations less exciting like full unit shakedowns (searches of the premises for contraband) or perhaps visits by government officials or VIP’s who cannot be bothered by being exposed to the regular day-to-day bull sh**t that goes on Behind Bars.

The other condition that causes Quiet to descend over the prison setting is worse than any of the conditions listed above.  If the sound/noise level drops suddenly and without warning, it means the offenders know something the staff doesn’t.  This is not a good thing. It’s like the calm before the storm, the evacuation of the animals before an earthquake or that moment of complete silence just before police officer says “Freeze!!!”  This Quiet usually signifies something is coming and it’s not a good thing.  Could be a strike, could be a riot, could be ‘hit’ by one offender on another.  Whatever the reason for this sort of Quiet, staff members should be ready for almost anything.

And now I, unfortunately, will have to be quiet for a day since I will have to post R tomorrow night instead of tomorrow morning.  Adieu for now and remember:  Shhhhhhhhhhh!!!

2 thoughts on “Q is for Quiet

  1. Patty Craig says:

    I said it before I’ll say it again scary, scary and super scary.

  2. Stopping by to follow you from http://bit.ly/WLCBlogFollow #WLCAuthor – J. Lenni Dorner

    I look forward to seeing you in this year’s A to Z!

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