Time, and the Speed Thereof…

Yesterday, while I was out fighting traffic, I heard a radio host talking about the weird idea that time might actually be speeding up.  I’d heard the notion before and since it was new and mind-boggling, I became boggled briefly and then moved on before I had nightmares.

When I heard it again yesterday, it didn’t sound quite so alien.  I listened to them until the radio host and his guest took a turn in the road and left me on my own path.  I was immediately caught up in the idea, assimilating it into my brain, trying to get a grasp on what it would actually mean to people living on planet Earth, if time was, indeed, passing faster.  I tried to figure out how we would even know, how it might even be possible for such a thing to happen.

I thought about the idea that time was simply a matter of light and its passing by us, through us, away from us, reflecting, refracting, and so on and so forth, until I was boggled again.  I had to start over.  

We, humans, measure time by mathematically dividing geometric shapes into uniform segments.  I hate math!! I like geometry a little and I try, try, try to understand how all of it fits into my daily life.  We measure our days by the earth’s rotation into and out of the light of the sun.  We measure our years by the earth’s revolution around the sun.  Spheres, circles, oblate spheroids, ovals, spirals… It took me a long time to understand that the Earth does not move in simple oval patterns around the sun, but rather, it moves in spirals, oval spirals because as the Earth moves around Sol, it also moves WITH Sol through Galactic Space because Sol is moving in an orbit around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Furthermore, Sol moves in even bigger spirals because the Milky Way Galaxy is moving around the center of the local galactic group and so on and so forth.  Spirals, spirals.  If everything in the Universe is moving in spirals, then we are not just moving forward and backwards in a flat plane, but also moving up and down, which gives us the three dimensional Universe, up, down and sideways.  Height, depth and width.  

This brings us back to time.  We are also moving through time, they say, which gives us the fourth dimension.  I can’t seem to grasp that.  Our movement through space actually creates time, when we apply mathematics to it.  It makes more sense to me to think that time is not real at all, but simply a concept.  It is not something that actually exists.  Only movement, or lack of movement exists.  Where all matter comes to a halt, time, too, comes to an end.  Nothing to measure, nothing to segment or divide or define mathematically.  Damn, I’m boggled again…

At any rate, (pardon the pun), it is possible that time is indeed speeding up, because it is simply a response to movement or the lack of movement.  If we (us and everything in the Universe) cease to move, time ceases to exist.  We would not cease to exist.  The Universe would not cease to exist, just time; therefore, if we move faster, time moves faster, even though we wouldn’t notice it because time is moving with us.  Of course, Einstein said that nothing can move faster than C, the constant speed of light; however! We can slow light down and on a documentary I saw the other night, we can actually freeze light under certain conditions in the lab.  

How, I ask you can light be frozen if it is a particle/ray in motion, depending on how you are measuring it.  If everything in the Universe is made of vibrating (moving) particles, and if those vibrations all increased at the same time, how would we know it?

I’m boggled some more.  I’ve said all that, just to say this:  If we are looking for proof that time is speeding up, we only need to look at our lifespans.  Back in the day, people used to live to be 900 years old.  Now, we live to be 75 or 80 if we are lucky.  So, here is another spiral, another cyclical phenomenon.  Back in the day, everything, including light, moved faster, thus, during our lifetimes, more days and years passed.  Then, everything began moving slower, thus, less days and years passed and our lifespans decreased or seemed to decrease because time was moving slower, less days and years passed, but our bodies wore out at the same rate.  And as we go on about our lives, we live sometimes, very fast; others, not so much.  

Our longer lifespans do not mean our bodies are lasting longer, it just means the sun is coming up and going down much faster  

Now, your mind is boggled and you think I’m crazy and you’re probably right. I’m so boggled, in fact, I’m not going to review this post before I put it up.

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