Sample Sunday ~ June 3, 2012

$3.99 The Red Cross of Gold I & II Both books, one price or buy just Book II if you already have book I.

Here is a short excerpt from the Book II:. The King of Terrors

“Brother Lucio?”  The face of the Mystic Healer appeared to float above his face, disembodied somehow and he wondered how Simon had managed to leave his physical body and become a ghost.  “Can you hear me?”

“I am innocent,” Dambretti whispered in answer, expecting to receive more blows in return for the three simple words.

“It is over, my Brother,” Simon’s soft voice was full of pain.  He placed his hand on Lucio’s forehead.  “I have given something to Volpi which will let you rest easier.  He will take you home now.  I am sorry, Brother.  They have forbidden the use of the mystery.”

“It is the Will of God, Simon.  Do not weep for the dead, for they suffer less than the living,” Lucio whispered and blinked in confusion at the dreamy sound of his own voice and then tried to sit up, but this was not possible.  He could not move.  It seemed he was wrapped in layers of wool batting.  Strangely enough, he felt no pain. In fact, he felt nothing at all. “Giovanni is here?”

“Yes, Sir.  I’m here.” The graying man stepped into view and looked down at him, causing him to wonder where he was.  “We can go home now, Sir.”

“Home,” Lucio repeated the word.  “I didn’t recant, did I?”

“No, Sir.”

“How many?”  He asked.

“One hundred and two.”

 Giovanni Volpi reached down, picked up his Master like a sack of potatoes and threw him over his shoulder.  Strangely enough, this did not hurt either and he could see grass and then the tiles near the pool area passed below him.  It should have hurt like hell even at the best of times.  He could see down the back of the tall apprentice and watched in fascination as trails of blood ran down his arms and dripped onto a marble floor at the man’s heels.  He turned his head and saw Simon walking beside him, up-side-down, as they made their way out of the administration building to the waiting car.  Simon opened the back door and slid into the seat to wait while Giovanni lowered his Master into the blanket on the seat beside him.

“You would do well to sleep now, Brother,” Simon told him as he leaned against his shoulder.  “I gave you something which will help.”

“Sleep?”  Dambretti looked up at him dreamily.  “That sounds good, Brother Simon.  Do you have your telephone with you?  I need to make a call.”

“Shhhh, now,” Simon told him and turned his attention to the driver.

He awoke from a terrible dream some hours later as a great crash of thunder rumbled through his apartment.  He had been falling into a pit.  A great yawning pit full of screaming, severed heads.  They were calling to him.  Welcoming him to hell.  When he tried to move, the pain he had missed earlier in the evening did finally come and it was incredible.  He could do nothing but scream for Giovanni who appeared magically above his bed to give him the medicine the Healer had left for him.  The medicine was strong and quick.  Soon he was dreaming of hell again and this time, he could not wake up.


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