Frustrated With Numbers…

I read a post from another blogger here at WordPress, who wrote about learning or re-learning math at age 45, and it was  strange because I just bought two books on Algebra and have started trying (once again) to master my fear of numbers. I can tell you 45 passed me by a while back, but I am a firm believer in the idea that we should never stop learning and never stop trying to overcome our fears.

Oddly enough, I made above average grades in both algebra and geometry in high school. When I took up algebra in college, I got a rude awakening. I couldn’t make above 50 after the first chapters were finished. My problem stemmed from the fact that I seem unable to translate a written problem into an equation. Equations, I can do them all day. Word problems… forgeddaboutit! So, once more I am trying to force my brain into that scary corner in my brain where word problems resemble HP Lovecraft’s most horrible inventions replete with tentacles, fangs and squishy bodies full of eyes above not one, but several over-sized yellow tongues with purple bumps with red eyes in them all blinking and winking at me!

Geesh. It wreaked havoc on my college program when I could not get past P-hat in statistics. I have never forgiven my brain for betraying me so badly. So, once more, it’s into the breach, notebooks, numbers and mind-numbing equations shall be mine for the late hours of the night when every other sane person is fast asleep counting sheep, I shall be computing the values of a, b and c, as well as, x, y and z over a times b to the eighth power.

I shall be commuting, distributing, inverting, decimating and associating with even the lowest of negative numbers, giving heed to the absolute power of zero and blatantly scoffing in the face of formidable fractions. Oh, give me a Pink Pearl and a number two pencil for a main mast, and I will set sail with Cap’n Jack Sparrow! Doubling doubloons, parleying parameters and dueling diameters with the best of them will be my daily due.

Well, anyway, maybe it won’t be so bad this time around. And another reason I want to learn math a little better is because I want to understand quantum physics and theoretical physics a little better before I calculate my last pyramidal base and drift away into the space time continuum forever.

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