Ain’t It Just Typical…

I’ve been away from my computer for over a month now in any real capacity. Been unable to promote or blog or enter into any of the discussions and such I usually enjoy except very superficially from a cell phone or a few minutes here and there.
I finally get a few days at home and get down to some serious work and my new laptop just sits and spins when I click submit.
I would ask the Angels of Karma what that is all about, but I know they would only laugh at me.
I hope to be entering the Hounds of Oblivion in the raffle give-away promotion for Halloween. If and when, the post posting button ever works again, I’ll be in and I’ll be promoting the give-away on Twitter and Facebook. In the meantime, I’m asking all the powers that be in the universe to give me the patience to deal with this glitchy thing.

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