Indie Spookaganza Giveaway

Coming soon! Great give away for 3 winners, 33 prizes.

33 Spooky Indies: Portal, Initiation, Beautifully Broken, Midnight, Shifters of 2040, She Speaks to Angels, Darklandia, Dollhouse, Blood Red, Demon Whisperer, Angel in the Shadows, Undead Dixie Debs, Maggie for Hire, The Forever Contract, An Author’s Nightmare, Satan’s Casting Call, The Wilkes House Haunting, Cindered Souls, Dark Before Dawn, Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead, Wings of Shadow, Your Magic Touch, Earth, Bell Book and Sandals, Ghosts of a Beach Town in Winter, Clutch, Tatterdemon, Hounds of Oblivion, Necromancer’s Apprentice, Guardians: The Girl, Botanica Blues, Mirrorfall, Night Cry, Forsaken.

See the details here:

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