Karma or Kurse? I Report; U Decide

On November 1, 2012, I noticed that the recent rains had brought forth new roses, blooms on my bottle brush tree and life back to the dead lawn. Not only was new grass shooting up, an entire forest of new sweet gum trees had sprouted near the drive. In other words, it was time to mow… again.

When I checked out the mower, the old battery was dead, zonked, a goner. So I got a day’s reprieve. Can’t mow without the mower, can I? I set about taking off the battery and a new crop of mosquitoes tried to take away all my blood. I received numerous bites on my poor toes, feet, ankles, arms, neck, fingers, face… sigh.

Nov. 2, 2012, I travel 16 miles to the nearest Walmart store, brave the crowds and purchase a new battery. All is well and another day’s reprieve was given. Nice.

Nov. 3, 2012, I thought to outwit the mosquitoes prior to going out to install the new battery and soaked myself with Off brand mosquito repellent, even holding my nose and spraying my face.  The stuff always gets in my mouth and nose and I have to take a shower ASAP. So I had it all planned.

I set to business and laughed aloud when the hordes attacked, but were repelled by the “Off”. I continued to work leisurely upon the battery connections. Suddenly, I felt a sting on my left index toe. But I knew this was only a nerve or phantom bite because the mosquitoes continued to be foiled by the spray. More nerves stung up my calf, small, but irritating enough to distract my attention and make me wonder why I was still suffering what felt like insect bites when I knew this to be impossible.

When the right foot came under attack, I stopped what I was doing and looked down. Much to my chagrin, a colony of fire ants had moved into the carport sometime during the past 48 hours and were now chowing down on my feet, ankles, toes and legs. I shook my pants legs and was horrified to see ants raining down on the ground.

Needless to say, these bites were worse than the mosquitoes and I wondered, whilst making a hasty retreat into the house before stripping on the lawn, if Karma could actually work so fast, or if, possibly, one of my neighbors might have placed a Kurse on me.

What do you think?

One thought on “Karma or Kurse? I Report; U Decide

  1. crazidebi says:

    i call that just plain irony!!

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