Sample Sunday ~ December 16, 2012

Here’s a little excerpt from the Wayward GodKing, Book 30 of the Assassin Chronicles, the last book in the epic series. If you haven’t started the series, I would say it’s never too late, but we are fast approaching the Mayan Apocalypse; however, if you are an eternal optimist or you have an underground bunker with a good generator, then make sure you go and download the series, starting with book one, The Knight of Death  for $3.99, or if you are a little worried, buy The Red Cross of Gold Books I & II for $3.99. If you are convinced the Apocalypse is upon us, buy the whole kit and kaboodle, all thirty books from either Amazon or Smashwords if you don’t have a Kindle. I’ve heard they will keep you reading for up to a year and a half under *normal conditions.

Now for the excerpt:

Now she was regretting her decision to help him, and no one even knew they were up here in this storm. In fact, this storm was a product of her brother’s attempted magick.

“Omar! Come inside,” she said, holding onto him desperately, wrapping her arms around his waist and pressing her body against his back for balance. The wind threatened to blow her diminutive form completely off the dome.

“I know where she is, Dunya!” He turned around in her arms and wrapped his arms around her. “She is in the Seventh Gate!”

“How do you know? The spirits told us nothing.” She looked up into his face as the rain almost blinded them both.

“They told me more than you think, sister. I want you to go back down to the palace. Tell my father I am going to the Seventh Gate. I have to finish the job.”

“No, please, don’t go.” Dunya would not let go of him. “Stay here with us, Omar. Father and Grandmother will take care of us. We will be happy again like the old days. I have missed you! My heart yearns for you day and night. When will you come home to me where you belong? We are not of these people, Omar. You and I belong together. You know it is true!”

“Dunya, please, you must go.” He disentangled himself from her arms, and then kissed her impulsively.

He looked down at her in horror, and then closed his eyes.

“Why do you persist in this fantasy, Omar?” She asked him. “You and I are one. We came from the same place. We were together. We belong together.”

“It cannot be so,” he told her. “It is an abomination.”

“Those rules were not meant for us, Omar. Those are the words of the gods of men. You are not a man! When will you admit it? We are not of the same blood. We are not sister and brother. You know this!”

The lightning struck the rocks very near the upper reaches of the palace and sent chunks of debris flying over them. The wind renewed its attack, and bits of ice pelted them.

“Never!” He pushed her back toward the trellis. Their feet slipped and slid on the slick marble and metallic tiles coating the dome.

“You gave it your best try, Omar! You would have been better off staying with Nicole. At least she was like us.”

“No!” He shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. I brought this trouble upon the world, and it is my duty to correct it.”

“You sound like Sir Ramsay! All right then,” she relented and skidded precariously toward the edge of the roof, but stopped again just shy of the trellis leading to safety. “I’ll go on one condition, and I’ll even give you some time before I tell Father where you have gone.” She looked back at him and steadied herself with one hand against the steep slope.

“What is that condition?” He asked her and then flinched as the lightning struck even closer and the hail grew larger and more stinging than before.

“If you succeed, if you come home… you will come home with me to the Hesperides,” she said and blinked against the onslaught of the storm. “Forever.”

He slid over to where she stood and kissed her again on the cheek, holding her chin in his hand for a few seconds as he searched her eyes.

“Swear it!” She shouted at him.

“I swear it!” He answered and then smiled. He knew he would never have to fulfill his oath. He would not be coming back.

“All right then. May the gods be with you,” she said and reached for the trellis. He held her hand while she climbed onto the top of the iron curlicues. When he let go of her hand, she smiled and shouted “I love you, Omar!”

It was the last thing he heard before they were blown from the roof by a violent explosion. A bolt of lightning struck the ornate lightning rod atop the dome, blowing a huge chunk from the metal dome, sending the brother and sister over the edge and out into the night. Omar grabbed her hand and held on with all his might until they struck the cold ocean below the cliff. Then they were sinking in thundering waves and he lost touch with not only his sister, but consciousness altogether for a brief time.



*Reading time not guaranteed under Apocalyptic conditions.

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