SixSentenceSunday ~ January 6, 2013

Taken from Book XXX:. The Wayward GodKing. Wrapping up the Assassin Chronicles series with the release of book #30.

“I have heard of a Selwig. Once a great and eligible healer in the Dagda’s service and later declared a traitor and a leper and then hailed as a great hero by the Tuathan gentry, exiled forever to wander the lands of men, saving the Tuathans from disasters and contamination. I should think that one should make up one’s mind what one wants to be.” The old man waved his hand in dismissal and raised one doubtful eyebrow at the healer. “What can I do for you, Selwig?”

“Your city is dying, sir,” Selwig sat down on a footstool near the Mayor’s feet.


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