Urgent! Update on Water Bear Danger.

The growing threat from Water Bears, AKA Moss Piglets, AKA Tardigrades, has taken a nasty turn. Since I exposed them on my blog for the innocuously insidious creatures they are, they have taken a new direction. It seems that some humans have already been infected, or I should say, Brainwashed! These tiny microbes resemble something created by artistic kindergartners. Some grown people even think they are cute! I didn’t know the incursion had gone so far and was sadly surprised to come under attack as some kind of monster for suggesting Water Bears might actually be plotting to take over the earth. I have copied and pasted a thread from Facebook to illustrate the point. Please pay attention to the fact that there are real cuddly stuffed toys available on the internet meant to introduce/indoctrinate our children to these docile devils.

(Note to reader: Daniel Arenson and the other posters on this thread are mostly friends of mine and I support them in their endeavors — NORMALLY, but in this case, I am deeply saddened and alarmed by some of the remarks. Now, please read on, I implore you.)

Tardigrade in Moss

4 thoughts on “Urgent! Update on Water Bear Danger.

  1. Tracey Alley says:

    Despite their terrible reputation – of which I was completely unaware until reading this blog – I can’t help but think my new baby great-niece would probably love one. Do you know what colours they come in?

    • OH, NO! Not you, too! LOL. Actually, Daniel Arenson put up that post about the plush water bears. I didn’t go and look at them. They are cute, though. My daughter has a plush Cthulhu, if you know who that is. Thanks for reading and commenting, Tracey.

  2. I have bad news for you Brendan. They have spread to Australia. Except here they are bright purple and only have one eye. I just saw one land!

    • I’m quite sure the Water Bears are in Australia, Jill. They seem to have infiltrated the entire world while we slept. The creature you are referring to is known as a “One-eyed-one-horned-flyin’-purple People Eater”. They are fairly common, but the ‘People Eater’ part is a misnomer. They were originally known simply as “Eaters” (they eat everything including Water Bears), but are generally not a threat to people. The word “people” was added by the singer Sheb Woolly in his popular song. Sheb was, unfortunately, a highly agitated fellow with a big imagination and a fear of the dark. LOL
      Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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