Yellow Journalism (Warning: Serious Post)

OK, so I’ve been out of touch for awhile. Moving can do that to you. My last move, three years ago, was supposed to be my last until I was carted off to Rest Haven Home in a straight jacket. As fate would have it, things do not always go according to plan.

Now, I’m sitting in a different house in a different town looking at a mountain of boxes to unpack. Things are looking up, however, and I’ve found a bit of time to write a quick blog. This time, I’d like to comment on the news media.

I’ve watched the news almost fanatically since the Columbine Shootings. In fact, I’ve watched the news so much, I can almost predict exactly what the reporters are going to say about every story that comes along. The only things that change in the stories are the names and faces in the same stories. I’ve come to a conclusion:

“Our country has come to a standstill and it is a direct result of yellow journalism.”

It matters not what leaning the network takes. Liberal, conservative, something else. Doesn’t matter. The country is divided and stands against itself in almost every single aspect of human endeavor from how to tie shoe laces to how to handle North Korea. Slanted journalism and opinionated “facts” have done exactly what our enemies wanted all along. It is bringing the country to a slow, grinding halt.

Propaganda and misinformation is the oil that allows tyranny to slide along over the backs of the ignorant. Scare the people, keep them in the dark, equalize truth and lies and even formerly brilliant minds will succumb to the powers of darkness.

Aha! You may say ‘There he goes! Powers of Darkness! He’s a crank.’ No, I’m not talking about evil spirits, secret societies or aliens. I’m talking about the powers in this world who, although, they live in darkness are perfectly visible. People bent on seeing the destruction of the most enlightened civilization on earth simple out of what can only be jealousy or bitterness or both.

Imagine yourself living in a ho-hum town in the American Midwest. Not much going on. Not many places to go on a Saturday night or a Sunday afternoon. Not much to look forward to other than work and watching television. Now imagine yourself going on a magic trip to say, Jamaica or Hawaii or Disneyland for a couple of weeks. You have the time of your life and return home. Instead of cherishing those memories and working hard to save money for another vacation, let’s say you become bitter and jealous of the people who are there when you are home. Let’s say this bitterness turns into a sickness of the mind and you begin to hate them. Next thing you know, you are joining a group of people who are also bitter and full of hate for happy people. From here, you can guess what happens next.

All the world’s woes lies in bitterness, hatred and ignorance fed by twisted ‘facts’ supplied by self-aggrandizing journalist looking only for the next sensational angle on the same old stories.

My question is why do people want to believe everything they hear, read and see in the news without the slightest inclination to learn the truth?Image

Are you going up the stairs or down the stairs? Remember, you are in charge of what you allow yourself to believe.


One thought on “Yellow Journalism (Warning: Serious Post)

  1. snowfireangel says:

    First, I’m so sorry you had to move 😦
    On that note, your blog about “yellow journalism” is spot on. There is no such thing as objective reporting anymore.

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