Mothers Day

I would like to say “Hi, Mom!” first of all (even though she doesn’t own or use a computer). The very fact that I can say ‘hi’ to my mom any time I want to at my age is a miracle. Of course, she’s had her ups and downs and sometimes she seems to have had more than her share of downs, she is still very much alive and kicking and still hoping for a better life.

If you still have your mom, be sure to remember her this weekend. Call her, visit her, tell her you love her in spite of all the water under the bridge. If you need to ask her forgiveness for some wrong, real or imagined, do it now! Don’t put it off, don’t ignore or deny it, do it before you find yourself in a position where such a wonderful opportunity is impossible.

When I was young, I had a few friends in school. I say it like that to denote that I was not a social butterfly, nor was I a loner. I had some friends, but never more than three or four at any given time. Of those friends, almost all, without fail had very poor relationships with their parents (either mom or dad or, in most cases, both). This was beyond my understanding at the time. I didn’t understand the concepts of child abuse back then. I thought everyone’s parents were like mine. No matter what I tried to do or say about my own parents back then just to fit in, I could not match the vitriolic tones my friends used when describing their feelings about theirs.

Naturally, as I grew older and the reality of their situations became clear, I went from appalled disbelief to sad acceptance that not all parents were like mine.

I count myself among the most fortunate people in all the world today for three reasons: My Father, My Mother and Texas.

So not only do I want to say “Hi, Mom! I love you!”; I want to say “Thank you, Mom, for loving me.”Image

One thought on “Mothers Day

  1. snowfireangel says:

    This was beautiful, Brendan. Thank you for sharing it.

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