“Odin’s Gift” ~ A Short Story

“Odin’s Gift”, a short story incorporating a couple of my characters from the Red Cross of Gold series is being featured on the front page of Readwave today. I wish I had more time to write short stories and such just to keep in touch with my knights and apprentices. They can get pretty rowdy if I ignore them too long.

When I wrote Lemarik, the purple wizard, into the series as a character, he was first seen as an unnamed entity making lots of trouble inside John Paul’s head. My characters are a lot like that in my own head. They clamor to be out and about, getting into things. When the cast of characters is as large as mine, it’s hard to ignore them.

At the moment, I am working on a second book in the Apprentice Diaries series. I’m still in the research and planning stages with a few beginning chapters written stage. Things are getting a little better around home right now, except for the lawn, which has become the bane of my existence. Two riding mowers and a self-propelled push mower… none working! I’m left with hedge trimmers, weed eater and shears, not good on six acres, but I’m sure an answer will be forthcoming.

So, enough about me, what about you? Leave a comment here or over at Readwave if you have a mind and have a wonderful day.


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