Another Look at Racism

This will be short, but I saw something on Facebook this morning that succinctly proves my point: Ignorance & Racism go hand in hand.

Ignorance is simply the lack of knowledge. Knowledge requires work. Work requires energy. People of all races inherently seek the path of less resistance; the path requiring the least expenditure of energy.

It’s hard to trust, but verify. Acceptance without question is what tyrants depend on. Publish the lie and let  it evolve into truth through repetition. They trust that insufficient numbers will expend the energy necessary to verify.

I read a post from the Tea Party about one of their outspoken black members. His first name was Niger. The comments that followed were typical of  “Tenebrae Supersum” (Excess Ignorance) Oh, by the way, I don’t really speak Latin, but I love to make up faux Latin phrases because doing so makes fun of my own ignorance.

Back to my story. Niger is pronounced Nyjer, long I, soft G. It is taken from the African country of the same name. The comments below the the Tea Party post about Niger were made in ignorance of both the preceding facts either through deficient knowledge of basic spelling rules and/or sad incompetence in the area of geography.

You can infer the nature of the comments from the preceding paragraph.

Conclusion: Racism is propagated, encouraged and exacerbated by the intelligentsia ( upon the proletariat ( in the war on freedom, liberty and enlightenment.

(The map on the right shows the country of Niger in Africa. Please note the country just south of Niger. NIGERIA! Imagine that! But wait, there’s more. These two African country names are the source of the so-called N-word, which was again simply a matter of  poor education, lack of spelling and pronunciation skills and  ignorance of basic geography. Ask anyone on the street where to find the African countries of Niger and Nigeria and they’ll probably say they don’t exist, and call  you a racist or say Canada.)Niger

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