Sunday is Funday ~ Somebody Wrote a Song About It

I am not ashamed of the fact that I took the day off today (well, almost, I did have to cook a little) and worked on a silly project.

I created a new board on Pinterest and pinned some of my favorite images of mysterious objects from around the world along with the usual conspiracy theory associated with each one. I then used my powerful special sensory perception to gain esoteric knowledge about these images. I then listed my own ideas about what each object might actually represent. Each item has one or more explanations to choose from. I invite all my special friends and fellow conspiracy theorist/ancient alien theorist friends and loved ones to cast his or her respective eyes, whether they be single, double or compound in nature, upon my work for the day. Comments are welcome both here and on Pinterest.

Just a precautionary warning admonishment type notice: P1bf6eb696804dc766809473a78388d01lease be aware of the possibility that your former beliefs and/or dogmas and/or sanity could be seriously challenged by reading my special intuitive insightfulness.

Disclaimer: Just remember, these things are not of my making, but are left to our imaginations to interpret. If the ancients did not want us musing about WTF they were thinking, then they shouldn’t have left these things lying around for just anyone to find. 

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