Is Meredith Sinclair for Real?

I’ve had a lot of fans (and, yes, I do have enough fans to legitimately use the number ‘a lot’) comment on how ‘DUH!’ Meredith Sinclair’s character seems. The key word here is seems. Yes, Meredith seems pretty damned ‘duh’ at times. And yes, Meredith is actually based on ‘real people’. She is a composite of a number of ladies I have known. 

As we all know, everyone can be ‘duh!’ or ‘doh!’ as per Homer Simpson, but some are much duher or doher than others. Meredith, or Merry, as she was affectionately known, started as a spoiled brat in her mid twenties. She had been fortunate enough to have lived a relatively carefree life up until the time the indomitable Knight of Death walked into her home, barefoot and bleeding one sunny summer’s day.

Up until he arrived, her most demanding decision might have been what type of tea to have with lunch or what scent she wanted in her bath. Her every need, including most of her thoughts, were pre-determined, pre-packaged and predestined to make her exactly what she was when Mark Ramsay stepped out of the shadows and into the real world… her world.

He didn’t arrive looking for love and romance. He didn’t show up bearing gifts and words of woo for our curly blonde heroine. He was on a mission and she was simply drifting through life. Love had been the farthest thing from his mind when they met and her only ambition had been a rather selfish, perhaps even foolhardy notion grown most likely out of boredom. 

Merry and Mark’s paths crossed at exactly the right moment as fate would have it and their relationship grew out of desperation, frustration and chance. True, Mark’s character seemed to have the greater obstacles and the deeper troubles, but Meredith carried almost as much baggage as he did in the end.

Both Mark and Merry have long rows to hoe in the Red Cross of Gold series before they come to grips with their destinies. In the end, it is left to the reader to decide which of them can accept what the gods have in store for them.Image

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