Revise your revisions, please…. Your edits need editing!

For the last several weeks I’ve been engaged in that tedious chore every author despises: Revising and editing.

I don’t know how many times my works have been read, revised, edited, re-read, re-written, re-hashed and re-edited and still, there are errors to be found, if one is looking for them and sometimes when one is not looking for them. I am always slightly embarrassed and abashed when I run across some really doofus lines or punctuation errors in my stuff. But they are always there.

I actually believe there are little evil gremlins embedded in the works that undo what authors and editors do while they sleep. I know that brownies and imps and other mischievous entities wreak havoc on other parts of our environment. Why would they not have infested our technical devices as soon as we invented them. (Invented what? Entities? Technical Devices? Exactly my point!) That last sentence was vague and ambiguous, which means the same thing… screwed up enough to make you wonder what the hell I was talking about.

But interesting writing doesn’t always involve proper grammar and punctuation. Sometimes the lack of punctuation or an improperly used word can make a boring read something special. If only the editors for Hugo, Hemingway and Melville (I probably misspelled all their names) had left in a few errors just for laughs, my English Lit courses would have been a bit more tolerable. I’ve often wondered how in the world all the “old” or “classic” works seem to have absolutely NO errors in them. Is it because they are old and reworked many times? Or did editors simple do a better job back in the day?

At any rate, I wrote all that just to say this:

I’ve reworked my novels at Amazon and Createspace once again and corrected a number errors. Better yet, I’ve lowered most of the prices on the paperbacks and put the Kindle and Smashwords versions at $.99 each.  So if you’ve not started the series or if you’ve not ordered the paperbacks, they are now up and running.  Of course, I have aged a great deal, but don’t worry about me, just read and enjoy.


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