Politics Smolitics

I haven’t written a blog in a long time. I’ve been really busy living my life as the Fates have seen fit to hand me at the moment.

I love politics, I suppose, or else I wouldn’t listen to the news shows, talk radio and friends and family when the topic turns to the subject.

My daughter who graduates today from college with a degree in Creative Writing keeps telling me to separate my writing life from my personal life. That’s pretty hard to do sometimes. I love a good argument, if the participants keep it friendly, topical and above board. I read a lot stuff on the ‘innerneck’ and find them hilariously, uproariously ludicrous even on face value. I love to dig a little deeper and find out the source of these outlandish statements and stories. Normally, it doesn’t take a lot of research to find out I was right and the report was rubbish, maybe a bit entertaining, but otherwise a waste of time.

I love to find the facts that suit the story and then put them in the comments section just to make sure I’m doing my ‘civic duty’. I am a champion for truth I guess. Some tell me it is because of the stars. Being a Libra impels me to try to find balance where none exists. It also impels me to search for the grains of truth lost in the desert of misinformation. I can easily see how people can be deceived. I really can, but what I can’t see or understand is how or what makes them cling to the deceit or the deceit even in the face irrefutable proofs contrary to what they thought was the truth.

One thing I had the good fortune to receive from the Fates (or God, if you prefer), was the ability to see issues from a wide variety of perspectives. I do not have much trouble putting myself in the other persons shoes. In fact, I often give the other guy too much credit by over-thinking the why and wherefore of his/her actions or words. It seems that most people just open their mouths and allow words to escape randomly into the universe no matter what the result.

Making a great effort to ignore a lot of what pours forth from the mouths of imbeciles gets tiresome, but it is well worth the effort on down the line. Never go back and visit the comments of others after the first shock has worn off. By that time, you can bet they’ve already forgotten it and, in my experience, would deny having said it if you bring it up again.

Humans are strange people. They want to say everything  and anything at anytime to anyone, but they down’t want to accept the consequences of their words. I saw a post that astounded me today.

A woman I am friends with on Facebook put up one of those pre-made posts that said: Post your honest opinion of me. I will not comment on your posts. This was directed at everyone who sees her posts on Facebook. There was one comment that said “ummmm”. I was immediately struck by the innocuous insanity of the post. Do you really want all your Facebook friends to actually post their honest opinion of you? Really?

I don’t think so. Some people are just dumb. Others are dumber. Writing blog posts is hard.


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