A Little Lite Horror ~ Hounds of Oblivion

Constable Dillon has no idea why someone wanted to cook Myra’s head in the dryer at the local laundry establishment, or why they didn’t go ahead and throw in her arms and legs, rather than scattering them around the laundry?
Clint Evans has no idea why he and his fiance are fascinated to the point of obsession with an old, mismatched suit of ancient armor found in an abandoned storage unit.

When a string of ghastly murders strikes his small, East Texas town, he becomes the focus of an investigation wherein he even begins to suspect himself. Clint’s friend, Constable Dillon, is determined to solve the macabre mystery by tapping into the mystical side of his Native American heritage before the FBI arrests him. Subsequently, both Clint and Dillon, along with their respective love interests, become embroiled in something wilder than any campfire tale ever told under the face of a full moon.

Hounds fire 3From the author of the Assassin Chronicles:. Red Cross of Gold series, Brendan Carroll. This is Brendan’s first foray into the Horror Genre. Assassin Chronicle fans are saying they love it.

Sue Guerth says: “Amazing stuff, spooky. I imagine Marshall is still running…”

Hounds of Oblivion

  •  5 Stars: Vuree Impressed says “When I started reading the book the character description seemed like people around MY town. So I was hooked immediately! Brendan Carroll has great character and story line development skills that just flow with each page turn. There is quite a wonderful twist in this book. I think that he should write a few more of these! I would love to know what happened to my little sleepy town people afterward! Book II please!!

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