Romance, Sci-Fi, Time Travel: Tempo Rubato ~ Stolen Time

Imagine the virtually unlimited resources of a private company rivaling Microsoft Corporation. Now add to that Albert Einstein’s genius coupled with all the technology available in 1995. Now imagine the possibilities… quantum physics? Space engineering, Advanced weaponry? Time travel? Take your pick, anything is possible!

Maria Elisse Mannheim is a professor of Musicology at a university in Vienna, specializing in the study of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his works, particularly his original manuscripts of which numerous forgeries abound. Derek Boswell is a New York City detective investigating the murder of a student under very unusual circumstances. The only clue he has to go on is a letter found in the victim’s possession that could have been written by the murderer. Unfortunately, the letter is signed: W.A. Mozart.

Boswell contacts Miss Mannheim in an attempt to track down all known forgers that might also be worthy of investigation for possible charges in the student’s death. As an authority on Mozart, she feels compelled to leave her job and travel to the United States for a first hand look at this particular forger.

Elisse’s investigation takes her to West Texas, where the victim formerly worked for a mysterious corporation before her death. The further Elisse digs into the company’s business, the more apparent it becomes that not everything is quite as it seems and she suddenly finds her own life in peril.

Tempo Rubato

  • 5 Stars: Lynn O’Dell says “The book strikes a flawless note with Elisse and her knowledge tempered by innate suspicion. Her investigation, while amateur at best, is the perfect vehicle for introducing William Masters, a man who believes he is Mozart.”
  • 5 Stars: Linda Carmen says  I give Brendan Carroll what I, as an author, find the highest accolade: your book kept me up all night! Considering I was reading on computer, which is by far not my favorite mode of enjoying a good story, that praise means even more than it would for another book. I ended up setting aside all my own work, telling myself just one more page, just one more chapter, let me just see what happens next. Poof, a day was gone!”
  • Tempo Rubato

    Tempo Rubato

  • 5 Stars: Maureen Miller says “In a five-star rating system, this plot deserves a six. Elisse Manheim, armed only with extreme intelligence and an extensive knowledge of Wolgang Amadeus Mozart embarks on a thrilling ride as she leads her own investigation into the murder of one of her ex-students.”

2 thoughts on “Romance, Sci-Fi, Time Travel: Tempo Rubato ~ Stolen Time

    • I have considered writing a sequel to Tempo Rubato on several occasions and even started outlining one possibility. It’s still not out of the question. Thank you for the compliment!

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