Is Meredith Sinclair for Real?

I’ve had a lot of fans (and, yes, I do have enough fans to legitimately use the number ‘a lot’) comment on how ‘DUH!’ Meredith Sinclair’s character seems. The key word here is seems. Yes, Meredith seems pretty damned ‘duh’ at times. And yes, Meredith is actually based on ‘real people’. She is a composite of a number of ladies I have known. 

As we all know, everyone can be ‘duh!’ or ‘doh!’ as per Homer Simpson, but some are much duher or doher than others. Meredith, or Merry, as she was affectionately known, started as a spoiled brat in her mid twenties. She had been fortunate enough to have lived a relatively carefree life up until the time the indomitable Knight of Death walked into her home, barefoot and bleeding one sunny summer’s day.

Up until he arrived, her most demanding decision might have been what type of tea to have with lunch or what scent she wanted in her bath. Her every need, including most of her thoughts, were pre-determined, pre-packaged and predestined to make her exactly what she was when Mark Ramsay stepped out of the shadows and into the real world… her world.

He didn’t arrive looking for love and romance. He didn’t show up bearing gifts and words of woo for our curly blonde heroine. He was on a mission and she was simply drifting through life. Love had been the farthest thing from his mind when they met and her only ambition had been a rather selfish, perhaps even foolhardy notion grown most likely out of boredom. 

Merry and Mark’s paths crossed at exactly the right moment as fate would have it and their relationship grew out of desperation, frustration and chance. True, Mark’s character seemed to have the greater obstacles and the deeper troubles, but Meredith carried almost as much baggage as he did in the end.

Both Mark and Merry have long rows to hoe in the Red Cross of Gold series before they come to grips with their destinies. In the end, it is left to the reader to decide which of them can accept what the gods have in store for them.Image

Sample Sunday ~ November 18, 2012

The following sample is from Book 30 of the Assassin Chronicles, Epic Fantasy Series, The Red Cross of Gold XXIX:. The Perfect Sun. It is available from Amazon for Kindle $3.99, Smashwords and other venues including paperback from Amazon.

The ragged band of Fox Soldiers stood waiting skittishly in the shade of the flapping canopy they had erected against the merciless sun. It was winter, but the seasons were skewed. Nothing had returned to normal since the floods and their hurried escape from New Babylon. They wore everything they owned on their backs and they held their automatic rifles ready to take out whatever this new threat might be.

Lucifer waved to them with his left hand and pulled the canvas bag gingerly from his sore shoulder.

“Greetings, fine warriors!” Lucifer called to them when they did not respond to his waves and Ernst grabbed his arm.

“Hold on, Luke,” he said in a low voice. “You’d best let me handle this. They don’t look very friendly.”

“Advance and be recognized!” One of the soldiers shouted to them and raised his rifle a bit.

Lucifer jerked his arm from the General’s grip, but allowed him to go in first.

“General Ernst Schweikert, Central Command Fox, Babylon!” Ernst answered the challenge and held up both hands, allowing his own rifle to hang from the straps.

“General Schweikert?” The soldiers looked at each other nervously and the name was said several times.

“Come on in, sir!” The soldier called. “We will need proof of your identity.”

“I have my papers, Corporal.” Ernst looked back at Lucifer and smiled. “Follow my lead, friend. Just keep cool.”

“Cool, yes.” Lucifer smiled and raised his own arms in the air. “A very strange greeting ritual.”

“Whatever,” Ernst mumbled and they walked into the camp.

After a tricky exchange of identification cards, orders and other official papers that now meant nothing, they settled down around the fire to share the men’s meal with them. They drank and ate and talked about nothing in particular until the Corporal asked Ernst how long before they could return to the city. Ernst had no idea what had transpired in the city. He had no idea where Omar, the Prophet, had gone or how he had found himself running for his life along a deserted highway. The last thing he remembered was being in a boat off of the coast of Ireland with Omar Kadif and his wife, Ruth.

“It might be some time before we can get the situation under control,” he told them vaguely. “Where did you say you were heading?”

“We thought to rendezvous with some of the companies that left the city ahead of us, but we are beginning to think they went north instead of south,” the corporal explained and the others nodded their agreement.

“Well, we should try to connect with Colonel Bardsley’s battalion. Is he still in Jordan?”

“Jordan?” The Corporal frowned and the others fell quiet.

“We have no battalions in Jordan, sir,” another of the soldiers answered quickly. “We don’t even know if Jordan exists anymore.”

“Yes, of course, but we have to make some sort of plan.” Ernst nodded thoughtfully. “I suppose you’re right. Well, perhaps we should head north when the sun goes down. What mode of transportation do you have?” He looked around and saw nothing, but empty rocks and the flat landscape of formerly rich farmland.

The corporal laughed and held up one foot.

“Boots, sir. That’s how we got here. Same as you.” He laughed sarcastically. “We ran out of gas before we got out of sight of the city. There weren’t many supplies left. By the time we decided to run, the good stuff was taken.”

“Then you have no command structure? No contact with HQ?” Ernst’s frown deepened.

“Are you kidding?!” One of the men burst out and then fell quiet. “No disrespect intended, sir,” he said after a moment.

“Then it would seem we are all in the same boat, sir,” the Corporal added. “We have no orders, no communications network, no transportation. No mission.”

“We are not all in the same boat as you put it, young one,” Lucifer spoke up for the first time. His strange accent and inflection caused them all to gawk at him. “I have a mission, which is quite clear from the Most High Command.”

“Oh, really?” The Corporal eyed the sergeant’s bars on Lucifer’s collar. “What mission is that, Sarge, if you don’t mind my asking?”

Lucifer stood up and held out both arms. He looked up at the sky and a beautiful smile spread across his face.

“Lo, I bring glad tidings of great news! A son will be born to you and He will be a sign unto you from the Most High. And He will be called Michael Emmanuel, the Deliverer, the Savior. You will find him lying in a manger, and He will bring a sword to cast down the Ancient One.”

The soldiers sat staring at Lucifer with mouths agape.

“He’s been affected by the sun,” Ernst shrugged and broke the silence. “It’s all right, Sergeant Ramsay. They already know that story.”

“They do?” Lucifer looked very disappointed and dropped his arms to his side.

“Of course we do, Sarge,” the Corporal said and leaned toward the General. He lowered his voice to a whisper. “Say, General, sir. Is Sergeant Ramsay a guy or a girl?”

“He says he’s a man,” the General answered in like tones. “But it’s hard to tell, isn’t it?”

“Hmmm.” The Corporal nodded and then smiled at Lucifer. “Say, Sarge, we have some time before we bed down. Would you care for a shower? Bennett’s rigged one back there in the rocks.”

Lucifer frowned and glanced toward the rocks.

“A shower? You mean rain?” He asked. “I’m afraid I can’t do those anymore. At least, not yet.”

“Oh, I see.” The Corporal sighed and circled one finger around his temple in the universal sign for ‘wacko’. “Well, we’d best try to get some rest before nightfall. It’ll be too hot to sleep soon. General? We have a few bedrolls. We can share.”

Schweikert glanced at Lucifer, and then at the soldiers who were staring at him. The ‘Sarge’ seemed oblivious to them as he frowned at the water in the bottle and then made a terrible face.

“What is wrong with you?” Ernst stood up abruptly.

“I don’t know,” Lucifer looked up at him. “I think I have the same disorder Michael and Galen had.”

“Oh? And what disease was that?”

“The running off disease.” Lucifer frowned again and clutched his stomach.

“Oh! Diarrhea. Yes, well. Probably the water.” Schweikert helped his companion to his feet. “Corporal, do we have any facilities here?”

“Are you kidding, sir?” The Corporal shook his head. “We just go in the rocks like always.”

“Oh, well, then, Sergeant, just go in the rocks like always,” Schweikert said and pushed him toward the nearest likely cluster.

“Wait. Here you go!” The Corporal tossed a roll of toilet paper toward him. “Be my guest, Sarge.”

Lucifer caught the paper out of the air as a dawning realization took hold of him and he began to sweat. Another terrible thing he had to suffer in his present form. Humans were certainly messy creatures. Within the space of a few moments, the Heavenly Messenger had three lessons in human anatomy he could have done without for eons. He lost a great deal of weight and lot more dignity before it was all over, but he gained an enormous measure of humility.



Rebecca’s Questions

NOTE: If you are reading the series and haven’t at least reached Book 25, the Ancient Evil, this information may contain spoilers. On the other hand, if you haven’t yet reached Book 9, the Queen of the Abyss, this information will certainly confuse you and by the time you fnish Book 8 and begin Book 9, you will have forgotten it entirely.

Always keeping us guessing! August 1, 2012
By Rebecca
Again I finished this book in a matter of days! As said by Heidi, I too will be going back to the beggining for a re read of this FANTASTIC series once the last book’s been written. A couple of things I don’t understand though… how is Mark again split usunder and from where did the second body come from? and if Meredith was always a part of Nanna then why is Merry just a simple human… did Nanna manifest as Merideth always knowing she would fall into Mark’s path? Anyway, another well written installment, I can’t wait to see what happens next! Thankyou Mr Carrol for sharing this wonderful and uniqe story with us.

I certainly appreciate reviews like this one and I love to pique the interests of my readers enough to make them ask questions. These questions, I feel could be answered without spoiling anything in the last two up-coming books in the series. So I thought I take a minute and try to answer them.

I’m not sure which body Rebecca is talking about so I’ll try to cover them all as well as I can. Mark’s first body was Mark Andrew Ramsay, brother of Luke Matthew Ramsay. The entity Myrrdyn Ambrosius (Merlin of King Arthur legend) was on the run from Marduk, his ancient enemy, shortly after the incident with the Woman of Sidon during the Middle Ages. (Myrrdyn Ambrosius, you will recall, actually helped the original nine Templars excavating under Solomon’s Temple in finding the Jewish treasures lost, i.e. Ark of the Covenant and other Temple treasures.) Now, Myrrdyn retreated to Scotland after fleeing Jerusalem and happened upon one Morna Lily Ramsay, the wife of Sir Timothy Ramsay in the service of King William of Scotland at the time. They hit it off and the next thing I knew Myrrdyn was gone and remanifested by way of the ancient secrets into Morna’s eldest twin, Mark, in order to elude Marduk once again.
Mark and Luke ran off to the Crusades and eventually fell in with the Templars and then with d’Brouchart after the fall of Jerusalem. When the Templars were disbanded in 1307, a handful of Templars and a lot of treasure was shipped off to Scotland and eventually carried across the sea to Nova Scotia. Much of the treasure was returned to France and then Italy and Scotland when the Order of the Red Cross of Gold began to build up its clandestine army in the 15th and 16th Centuries.
When Mark Andrew tried to go back and reset the clock, unbeknownst even unto himself, his jaunt through time created a separate time-line, hence the formation of King Ramsay, who saved both Luke Ramsay from Jerusalem and later, Simon of Grenoble from the Inquisitor’s dungeon. Then we had two Ramsays.
The Original Mark Andrew was completely repressed by the entity known as Myrrdynn, Uriel, Adar, etc. When he learned of King Ramsay’s existence, he went looking for him and beheaded him, but, once again, he could not release his own soul with the Key of Death, just as if he had committed suicide by cutting off King Ramsay’s head.
The Queen of the Abyss then took King Ramsay’s head away to the Abyss and put it in her treasure house in a cask because she was, as we know, quite fond of Adar and his son Luke Andrew and his brother, Luke Matthew, because they are all quite similar.
When the Ancient Evil caught up with Sophia and Mark Andrew while they were riding through the forest, Uriel/Adar had to evacuate Mark’s body in order to escape annihilation at the hand’s of the Ancient Evil, Samael, who had destroyed Jozsef Daniel and taken his body. When he left Mark’s body, it was as if Mark Andrew Ramsay was just newly born in his brain and that was why Sophia had to raise him again as if he were a baby. However, Mark and Luke are both sons of Uriel, Sons of Light, if you will, Uriel being a messenger and archangel of God.
Uriel/Adar assumed his spiritual form just as John Paul assumed his spiritual form when his earthly body died in the underworld. Uriel/Adar’s physical form was not like Marduk and Nergal’s physical monstrosities, but more human in appearance because he had been one of the archangels for a time and simple kept the form of the angel instead of reverting to a more primitive form like some of the watchers in the Seven Gates of the Abyss. If you will remember, Shammash was a shining, human-like form even though he was one of the Watchers as well.
So, Mark as Uriel/Adar in spiritual form was able to refashion his own body from the materials at hand whenever he had fully regained his memory and ability to use his powers (much like Nergal and Marduk when they assumed human form).
Thus we now have three Mark Andrew-like incarnations, one with his head in a cask. King Ramsay, once released from his prison in the Queen’s treasure house, was able to inhabit Mark Andrew (the Dove’s) body once more when Sophia and Mark ended up in the Abyss at Lily Ramsay’s home in the Seventh Gate. (Lily, I’m sure you have noticed is quite confused.)
When the Ancient Evil was finally defeated, Omar was allowed to take the body that once belonged to Jozsef Daniel, Jozsef Daniel having taken his leave of it and gone off with Anna, his wife when Uriel/Adar released them inside the Ancient Evil’s head. This allowed Omar to resume the likeness of Lemarik’s “beautiful son” who was simply a replica of Luke Matthew, created by Lemarik by alchemical means.
*Deep breath*. *Blow out*.
Now, as to Merry Ramsay. Nanna knew things were counting down to Armageddon and he wanted to be there to help defeat the Ancient Evils from Beyond the Abyss. So, he took up the incarnation of Meredith Sinclair and viola! He/She/It hooked up with Mark/Uriel/Adar when he went to Texas. In the second time-line, Nanna was not incarnated into Meredith and Meredith was simply herself, as she would have been, had Nanna not infiltrated her mind. Merry Ramsay, Luke Matthew’s wife was a simple human woman who became immortal by eating the Golden Apples in Semiramis’s Orchard in the Hesperides’ Garden. Meredith Sinclair, who lives in the First Gate with Nanna is the Meredith Sinclair from the first time-line who was John Paul/Nanna’s mother. She is like Morna Lily Ramsay, Mark Andrew’s mother, who lives in the Seventh Gate. Lily was saved from Purgatory by Mark/Uriel/Adar because he felt guilty for having caused her to go to Purgatory in the first place.
You will also remember, John Paul/Nanna retrieved his wife, Michelle, from Purgatory because he felt guilty because she had committed suicide.

So there! If you have read and are confused, don’t say I didn’t warn you. And if you haven’t read the Assassin Chronicles at all, it’s not too late to start.

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Knights, Faeries and Dragons

The Silver CaduceusOn the way home from work today, I was feeling a bit down. Things haven’t been going well at work… they rarely do, but they’ve gotten a boost in crappiness since the new Fiscal Year Kicked in on the 1st. Yeah, I know it’s only the 2nd, but it seems like weeks have passed since yesterday morning. Anyway, I was on my way home and feeling sort of crabby. There is a particular piece of property that I pass every day that has a menagerie of animals inside a large fenced field. I’ve made a habit of looking that way every day, twice a day just to see what I can see on any given day. Sometimes there are donkeys (burros), emus, goats, sheep, llamas… semi-exotic fare. So today, I’m driving home and I look over there and what do I see but a spanking new little burro. He was a real fine looking little fellow and suddenly my mind was sent back to all the Christmas Nativity scenes I’ve witnessed over the years. Invariably, the larger, more elaborate Nativities always include a baby burro, along with a lamb, maybe a bunny and baby camel. Baby animals and my spirits were lifted immediately, thinking of all those Christmases and all those cookies and pies and presents under the trees and pretty lights and wonderful, but old and worn out music… It seems I never get tired of Christmas and all its trappings. Of course, by the time I got home, I was depressed thinking of one of the depressing things occurring at work right now. Ramadan. The Muslim holiday… holiday takes on a whole new meaning in the world of Islam. Ramadan would have to be their greatest holiday of the year which puts it in line with Christmas and Hanukka (sp?). Now as far as I know, Christmas and Hanukka are joyous seasons with lots of merry-making and feasting and enjoying friends and family. Ramadan, on the other hand, requires 30 days of fasting all day, lots of prayers on hands and knees. Hmmmm. When you compare the two… well, you decide.

Hello, Everyone.  My name is Brendan Carroll and I have several books posted on in both the Kindle Bookstore and Createspace.  My series is entitled The Red Cross of Gold and the first book in the series is called The Knight of Death.  The main character is a semi-immortal Scotsman who joined the Templar Order in the last decades of the Twelfth Century just as Jerusalem fell to Saladin’s forces.  He was then inducted into the Red Cross of Gold, a secret order within the Order.  This secret order still exists into the current setting modern times where his adventures truly begin when he loses his memory during a routine assassin mission and falls in love with a pretty pixie of a girl from Central Texas.  After that, his life turns a corner and all hell breaks loose.  Please take a look at the series on Amazon and I believe that you will not be disappointed.  Sincerely, Brendan Carroll

Book I:  Assassin Chronicles

Book I: Assassin Chronicles