March Madness or Spring Fever begins today…

I am going to offer a free book each weekend from now through April 6. Be sure to get over to and pick up your free copies.

Today’s freebie is Tempo Rubato ~ Stolen Time, a regular $2.99 value. The adventure begins with a murder and a mystery. Elisse Manheim, a rather retiring professor at the Vienna Music Conservatory spends her time teaching music history and occasionally verifying the handwriting of her favorite composer, Wolfgang Mozart, as new manuscripts turn up. When she is asked to authenticate a letter found in a murder victim’s apartment, her skills are put to the test. The letter is no doubt authentic, but there is a problem. It is written on modern company stationery with a ball point pen.

Elisse is unable to put the anomalous letter out of her mind and some would say foolishly begins her own investigation into the origin of the mysterious letter. She soon finds herself over her head in corporate secrets when she leaves her job and goes to work for an unscrupulous corporation. Determined to follow through to the end, she risks everything, including her life to unravel the riddle of the impossible missive signed William A. Masters.

Also available in paperback:

Tempo Rubato

Tempo Rubato

And now for something completely different…

Tempo Rubato 1

By now, most everyone who follows my erratic path through the world as a prolific, but dirt poor and unknown literary genius (:IMHO:), has seen my Red Cross of Gold series obsession Assassin Chronicles. I know it might go against the grain for me to announce that I have other subject matter in my portfolio of novels. At this very moment, I am waiting for one of my earlier forays into the world of publishing to come to life as a Kindle publication. For a short time, I have listed the book as low as Amazon would allow: $1.00 (one measley dollar, one buck, uno dolares, a single greenback, less than a cup of coffee in a cheap vending machine, one dollah-Amellican money). This work was one of my most emotionally packed undertakings of all time. My great love for the Austrian born composer whose life was cut short in the late eighteenth century prompted me to write a tribute to him based on the premise of what he might think of today’s world if only he had the opportunity to be here with us. If ever time travel proves economical enough for me to indulge, I would request the privilege to see Wolfgang Mozart conducting one of his own operas or perhaps a symphony or playing his piano for his friends and family. Such would be the dream to end all dreams for this author.

The name of the book is Tempo Rubato which is a Latin musical term for Stolen Time. I hope that you may(pardon the pun) find the time to take a look at it.